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MPack Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. - Sobiekursk 26a | 05-480 Karczew | phone: +48 22 780 05 00

Company's description

If your company is preparing an interesting line of new creams, shampoos or other beauty products, it definitely needs to find a dependable manufacturer of containers. MPack makes cosmetic plastic tubes that meet all the legal and safety procedures, as well as fulfil their customers’ wishes concerning the overall look of the packages. Such an adequate service is possible thanks to the advanced machines they are equipped with and the highly qualified personnel responsible for the creation of the project, its production and the quality control.

Tubes manufacturer

To store these types of substances, cosmetic plastic tubes need to be absolutely leak-proof and comply with the standards of the European Union or chosen country of origins. MPack has a long and diverse experience of manufacturing containers for the beauty industry, which is going to come in handy for your company. They implemented ISO 9001:2009 quality norm to make sure their products meet all the requirements and are absolutely safe to use. If you wish to have the cosmetic plastic tubes decorated with a chosen graphic, they have the necessary means to do it.

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