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Modular building

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd - Newpark Business Park | ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme | phone: +44 07443 564 451

Company's description

Expand your business opportunities with a portable office manufactured by KC Solution – a company that know just how important mobile workspace is. They have been assembling a variety of cabins from prefabricated parts (either imported or produced by their factories) for years now, slowly building a group of loyal customers. Each project is individually designed to suit the needs of a particular company and fulfil its assigned function. Customer satisfaction is incredibly high in KC Solutions, so you can be sure you will be more than happy with the final product.

Portable buildings

Modular buildings designed by this company allow for a great deal of flexibility – you do not have to be worried about the owned space, because at any given time you can expand it. Moreover, the assistance the specialists at KC Solution provide, will help you make decisions that will influence your revenue positively. If you commission a modular building it will be transported to the location of your choice and assembled by the company’s employees, so you need to be patient. And remember! This option will take definitely less time than the traditionally built construction!

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