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Holidays in Poland

Trésors de Pologne - Pologne | 00-001 Varsovie | phone: +48 533 787 244

Company's description

Trésors de Pologne specialises in organising holidays in Poland for the residents and the visitors from other countries alike. Their offer includes active journeys for people who dream about unforgettable adventures and all-inclusive trips for those who appreciate comfort. Depending on whether the participants want to explore the wonders of the country on their own or simply visit the most characteristic tourist destinations, the company is going to compile a plan that meets the chosen group's needs.

An all-inclusive trip - Poland

Choosing an all-inclusive trip to Poland means not having to worry about anything during the stay. The travel agency is responsible for booking the hotels, means of transportation, museum tickets, entrance fees and restaurants. Each day is carefully planned to include a number of attractions for the participants to give them the chance to learn about the country they are visiting. The guides know how to attract the tourists' attention and pique their interest with their stories. Trésors de Pologne organises all-inclusive trips in many price ranges.

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