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Porcelain Tiles

Top Ceramics - Great West Rd | TW8 9DN Brentford | phone: +44 07877998545

Company's description

Top Ceramics is a company that is going to help its customers create modern spaces with simple but reliable flooring and wall decoration. They are known for selling quality tiles imported from German, Italian and Spanish manufacturers and for taking a great care of their clients’ needs. They are willing to help people in finding the best materials for their place, sharing the knowledge and experience acquired throughout the years of working in this industry. Choosing their shop means also buying tiles at some very affordable prices.

Polished Porcelain Tiles

Their collection of tiles includes simple yet proven solutions – ceramic tiles in toned colours – grey, black, brown, white or ecru. The products may differ in the type of finishes chosen for them, depending on individual preferences, the customers can choose high gloss, matte, concrete and even wood-imitation tiles. One of the most important features of the goods they sell is the fact that they are durable and highly water resistant, which means they are a great fit for kitchens and bathrooms, where people often spill things and may ruin other flooring types.

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