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Lovter - Lipowa 3 | 30-702 Kraków | phone: +48 504 455 825

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Lovter is a website for architects, designers and regular readers who are interested in learning more about ethanol fireplaces. The field is constantly developing, introducing a number of new products and solutions to convince more and more people to switch to this eco-friendly innovation. The Internet platform works closely with a Swiss producer of bio ethanol, therefore the audience interested in buying quality fuel from a dependable manufacturer will find a link there, directing them to the company's online shop.

An eco-friendly ethanol fireplace

An ethanol fireplace is mostly known for its low impact on the natural environment. The only substance produced during its combustion is carbon dioxide which means that these products do not need a dedicated chimney or any sort of ventilation. An interesting advantage, especially for architects, is how many different designs there are. Ethanol fireplaces can be free-standing or mounted to walls, inspired by the traditional wood-burning ones or the modern decor. The wide assortment of products available help people choose options which meet their requirements.

Complete offer: www.lovter.com

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