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Tidy Job: Cleaning specialists

Tidy Job - 12B Bonnethill Court | DD3 7BA Dundee | phone: +44 7795849547

Company's description

Tidy Job is a cleaning company from Dundee offering quality services at affordable prices. The wide range of their customers includes private residence owners, businessmen or car enthusiasts. Each group is given a number of specialised services to choose from - this allows them to pick the option best suited for their needs. Some of them want the company to perform extremely thorough cleaning of houses and cars, while some need simply regular dusting and hoovering from time to time. The price depends on the number of activities commissioned and on how big the space is.

Thorough office cleaning services - Dundee

Employers who want to make sure their employees have pleasant working conditions, should definitely think about trustworthy office cleaning services. In Dundee, they are performed by Tidy Job meticulously and with great care, to make sure each surface is free of dust and dirt. Regular tidying up sessions will help keep the floors shiny and the electrical devices ready for operation. Next, the team will make sure the bathrooms are operational, spotless and always equipped with the necessary sanitary products. Moreover, the company can also perform a thorough cleaning, which includes washing the windows or the insides of closets. To learn more about the offer and prices an interested party can either send an email, call them or visit their office.

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