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Digipak printing

Printmasta - Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 | 02-561 Warszawa | phone: +48 48602102158

Company's description

Printmasta specialises in the production of various optical discs for private and commercial use. Their services are incredibly complex and include replication, duplication and manufacturing various packaging options. They can take care of the preparation of the inlays for jewel cases and digipak printing, but also help in the creation of a breathtaking artwork. The employees are going to suggest which manufacturing method is the best, depending on the size of the order. They will also give an advice concerning the type of wrapping which is going to fit a chosen product well.

Production of optical discs and their packaging

Digipak is one of the most popular types of packaging options for optical discs. It consists of a cardboard rectangular cover and one or more plastic trays for the CDs or DVDs. This option is almost as resistant to cracking and damaging the disc as the jewel case. Digipak printing offered by Printmasta is a service dedicated to creating an eye-catching packaging. The company is going to make sure the artwork is properly sized and the colours look vibrant. More information concerning the cost of the production and the process can be found on their website.

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