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Enduring domed decals

Best promotional - 13 Tansey Grove | M7 4TA Salford Lancashire | phone: +44 0161 792 4044

Company's description

Best Promotional makes beautiful and durable epoxy stickers for clients from all over the United Kingdom. To manufacture these products, the company has to print out the designs delivered by the buyer via e-mail and then cover the decals with a layer of the water resistant substance. Epoxy resin is not only extremely sturdy, but is also responsible for the three-dimensional look of the gadgets. The company uses only thoroughly tested materials, to make sure the quality of their stickers is unmatchable.

Easy to order epoxy stickers

The company took care of making the ordering process as simple and comfortable as possible. All client has to do is visit the contact page and fill out the form. The inquiry consists of information on the shape of the epoxy stickers, their size, vinyl colour and their quantity. Moreover, the customer can also upload the artwork they want to have printed onto the gadget. After thoroughly analysing the inquiry, Best Promotional is going to reply with a free quote. The client then can choose to proceed with manufacturing process of his order.

Complete offer: Epoxy stickers

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