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Support in software and app development

CodeConcept Sp. z o.o. - Toszecka 101 | 44-100 Gliwice | phone: +48 32 230 02 90

Company's description

Each person or enterprise thinking of introducing a new mobile application or implementing a complex system has to work thoroughly on its development. Sometimes the project exceeds the abilities of a chosen team, which is where IT outsourcing companies like CodeConcept come in. They will take on some of the tasks or all of them, continuing to work on the design presented by the client. Their realisations include for example yacht reservation system, a dedicated device for hearing screening or various mobile applications and tools.

What IT outsourcing companies have to offer?

One of the biggest advantages of using IT outsourcing companies is completing projects faster. More often than not, it is also much cheaper to employ an outside team to work on a particular solution than to increase the employment within the firm. For instance, CodeConcept is located in Poland, which is why many Western corporations are going to be more than satisfied with the prices they expect for their services. A final straw in favour of working with IT outsourcing companies is the ability to work with people from a completely different part of the world and learn about various cultures and customs.

Complete offer: www.codeconcept.co.uk

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