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Catalytic converters and particulate filters

Catalyseur24 - 5 RUE DE LA BONNE DAME | 88600 Fremifontaine | phone: +33 06 68 10 08 11

Company's description

Catalyseur24 sells exhaust parts for passenger vehicles and buses. The shop is equipped with components for various car models and brands, manufactured throughout the years. The elements they are most famous for are responsible for diminishing the emission of toxic substances to the atmosphere and are known as catalytic converters and particulate filters. Renault, Volkswagen or Skoda are among some of the most popular brands within the shop, therefore the company always makes sure they have spare parts for models, such as Octavia, Golf or Scenic.

Particulate filter for Renault cars

Renault is an automobile manufacturer from France, whose cars are loved all over Europe for their versatility. They produce both small city vehicles, but also family vans and various light commercial vehicles. Catalyseur24 understands the popularity of this brand, therefore they decided to include various car exhaust parts for the many models available. Each person visiting the shop can buy a particulate filter for Renault, choosing the dedicated component, created for that particular version of a vehicle.

Complete offer: Renault - catalyseur24.fr

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