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Exhaust systems components

PAMAKU EXHAUST SYSTEMS - Strzelecka 66 | 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski | phone: +48

Company's description

PAMAKU EXHAUST SYSTEMS is a dependable company which specialises in selling various components of car exhaust systems. To reach as many potential customers as possible, they created an online shop. It sells parts to people within the country, but also outside of it. The most frequently bought elements include diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes and more. The company prepared a wide assortment of components to make sure each client will be able to find those fitting his car.

Diesel particulate filter - A large selection of parts

A diesel particulate filter is an extremely important part in diesel-powered vehicles. It is responsible for collecting and burning the particles produced during the engine's work. Its construction is very specific to allow it to better gather the pollutants and withstand heat. The particles are burned at 400 degrees Celsius, which happens only when the car is driving over at least 60 km/h. In cities vehicles cannot perform this activity, therefore the diesel particle filter becomes obstructed and needs to be replaced after some time.

Complete offer: Diesel particulate filter

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