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Hair straightening

Cocochoco Professional - Great Britain | United Kingdom | phone: +48 537 900 807

Company's description

With products developed by Cocochoco Professional each woman will be able to undergo the procedure of Brazilian hair straightening. This method can only be done by certified hairdressers in hair salons to ensure the client's safety. Hair keratin products may have negative consequences for the hair and body if the person does not follow strictly the instructions. Moreover, the heat factor, introduced by the flat iron, should definitely be controlled by an experienced professional, to make sure no harm is done to the hair.

Hair keratin products

Cocochoco Professional is known for its hair keratin products, which include conditioners, hair-masks, shampoos and most importantly the genius formula itself. With the help of this carefully prepared substance, the hairdresser nourishes the hair, but most importantly, straightens it. The procedure can help even the most curly hair in getting a smooth and healthy look. One of the most important information concerning this method is its effects. The results of using hair keratin product can last up to three months!

Complete offer: www.cocochoco.co.uk

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