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Stella Maris - Domenico Cherchi via regina elena 54 | 07026 OT Olbia | phone: +39 3498101325

Company's description

If you need an assistance of an experience tour guide and a skipper with a valid license, you should contact Stella Maris. The company operates in Sardinia, where it offers various services - from trips adapted to personal preferences, through boat rentals, to fishing trips. The Mediterranean Sea offers a variety of attractions, so you should definitely do everything in your power to experience the most of it. With the help of this company you will be able to learn, explore and roam Sardinia and the surrounding islands and coasts.

Spectacular La Maddalena boat trip

One of the most visually stunning tours offered by Stella Maris is La Maddalena boat trip. This seven hours long journey will let you see the most impressive beaches and shallow clear waters of Sardinia. The tour guide will tell you and all the other passengers all about the places you are visiting, starting from memorable landscapes and ending on mysterious architecture. With their help you will explore this part of Sardinia and learn more about its history, while enjoying the beauty of nature around you. Give the company a call and book your La Maddalena boat trip today!

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