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An experienced forwarding agent

Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd - 48 Cotswold Road | SS0 8AB Essex | phone: +44 1702343228

Company's description

Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd specialises in freight forwarding on land in Europe and the United Kingdom. They offer a wide variety of vehicles for their customers to choose from - van, trucks and road trains. Each service is individually planned to fit the client's needs and requirements by a team of logistics specialists. Only by carefully organising each part of the transport to Poland, Ukraine or any other country, business owners can be sure that their cargo will get to its final destination on time.

Cargo transport to Poland

The most frequently chosen service of the company is the transport to Poland from the United Kingdom, as well as the other way round. It is used by companies which operate in both of these countries or need to import particular elements or products from one of them. To make sure each client's needs are met, this freight forwarder works with a number of contractors, able to perform various shipping services. Bigger loads, especially pallet loads, are going to be transported to Poland or to the UK via trucks, while smaller one will adapt vans and minivans.

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