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Gregspol Ltd: A manufacturer of ashes urns

Gregspol Ltd - 27 Peel Way | B69 3JU Oldbury | phone: +44 7955818167

Company's description

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know exactly how difficult this period of life can get. Gregspol Ltd wants to make the process of grieving and letting go easier for their customers by providing them with quality and memorable cremation urns. Their solutions appear in a variety of sizes to be able to hold the ashes of people of many sizes. Moreover, their service has been recently expanded to prepare also pet cremation urns. Each product is made with utmost care from premium materials to make sure you get a solid and aesthetically pleasing solution to hold onto the ashes.

Pet cremation urns

The company understands that many of their customers do not have any living relatives, so losing a lifelong partner, a dog or a cat, is just as traumatising as losing an important person. This is exactly the reason they decided to include pet cremation urns in their offer. With these products people are able to commemorate their furry friends with the same intensity as other people grieving after losing a beloved person. The urns can look a variety of ways - they can be for example adorned with a photo of the departed or an impressive metal statue of the breed they represented.

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